Napier Doubles Down Against Raymond Arroyo

De Profundis 6
South Africa's Catholic cardinal repeats his concern from yesterday about U.S. Catholic TV network EWTN
alex j
Slowly, Slowly, I became more comfortable with the anti-pope comments of Raymond Arroyo. Sorry your Eminence but your "backing the wrong horse"- Our Pope's papacy, is fast becoming a total "train wreck". If you doubt the veracity of this, compare his "off the cuff" utterances and his so called "Magisterial" works of fiction" from Francis to that articulated by previous Popes. Given your … More
Facts are facts some bishops dont want regular catholics to know what is going on Vatican and friends
Dr Bobus
Is it the Vatican vs Arroyo? Or: The Vatican vs the Magisterium?
On the contrary, Raymond Arroyo and guests, canonist Fr. Gerald Murray and Robert Royal reveal the facts and canon law we all need to see and appreciate reality in today's Church.
Bravo Raymond! I am sure Mother A. is proud of your efforts to speak Veritas regardless of consequences.
He really is trying hard to get a pat on the head from his master Bergoglio.