The Vatican Has Promised a Reply to Whistle-Blower Viganò

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Tesa, look at what Francis does and who he surrounds himself with and what his agendas are. You have to do your homework and not rely on The World Order controlled news agencies for truth. I don't listen to what he says as much as I watch what he produces. It seems to me he has a homosexual, liberal and modernist agenda and that is what drives him. When Vatican officials start going to the … More
+Vigano accuses Pope of abuse cover up. Pope slyly accuses +Vigano of being Satan. But +Vigano is the Great Accuser, not the Pope, because when the Pope accuses it is just so holy. Not like +Vigano.
De Profundis
A week ago C9 Council of Cardinal Advisers said "Holy See was preparing necessary clarifications" to the +Vigano memorandum. A week later nothing, except the Pope repeatedly referring to the "Great Accuser", a name for Satan he hadn't ever used in the previous 5 and a half years
De Profundis
No, Austen, it's not megalomania to ask Francis to respond to Vigano's allegations he covered up McCarrick sodomising seminarians for decades. It's megalomania to refuse to answer credible questions