Do You Know How Providence Works? Like This!

For fifteen years, Gloria.tv has championed Faith, Family and Freedom. The secret of our success?

Since about 2010, Social Media started replacing traditional news websites which were in the process of replacing print media.

Most of the conservative news sites jumped on the social media bandwagon, hoping that this would generate more clicks. In the beginning, it worked for them. But now, they are waking up to up to the fact that these networks belong to the enemy who bans, shadow-bans, suspends, censors or forces self-censorship.

Complaining about this, makes no difference. Gloria.tv took a different approach. We refused to use Big Tech for short-term goals and built our own house by developing social media technology from scratch that workes in all the major languages of the world.

Our software features a user-tailored timeline, graph database, automatic speech recognition, automatic subtitles, sophisticated upload and processing systems, filters against spam, porn, etc. - and best of all, this software is scalable for any number of users. Concerning technology, Gloria.tv is at the forefront.

We don't have a "business model" but Divine Providence NEVER fails. For 15 years we have always paid our bills on time. Nothing less than that, but nothing more either.
Gloria.tv lives mainly on small donations from mostly ordinary Catholics. Thank you for your donations, no matter how small. We depend on YOUR gifts and really need them. May God reward your help.

You can donate

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Who knows, Providence may have chosen you for a St. Nicholas/Advent donation for our joint Gloria.tv.


Homoousios or homoiousios! 😂 Good one!
Hugh N. Cry
My children woke up this morning with a gift and treats in their 👞.
Lisi Sterndorfer
St. Nicholas of Myra, Defender of Orthodoxy and Wonderworker. Present at the First Council of Nicaea, tradition has it that he became so angry with the heretic Arius during the Council that he struck him in the face.