The Generosity of Our Donors Grows. There Is an Interesting Reason For This

In 2019, received until now donations of no less than 120,000 euros (132.000 dollars). This is 20 percent more than in the previous year. We did not anticipate such an overwhelming result.

It shows that the heavy attacks on the Church and on the Faith which we saw especially in 2019, had an interesting effect: They caused the generosity and determination of our donors to grow.

However, the 120,000 Euro income is offset by 130,000 Euro expenses for the operation and expansion of to date. Until the end of the year, we still need 20,000 Euros, open invoices included.

The turbulences in the Church have other effects. They demand a lot from us. We are heavily engaged on the front lines that we have often too little time for other work, for example the necessary fund-raising efforts.

Once again we ask you from the bottom of our hearts, please participate with a prayer, a donation or best of all with both of them in our Advent finish. We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for every help we receive from your side. We have only you.

You can donate:

- by credit card or Paypal via kindful
- by bank transfer to the Austrian account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488

Thank you for helping us to ensure that can do more and more for the Church and the faithful.

We wish you a blessed Advent season and thank you once again for everything you do for

Your Gloria friends

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