“Bye Joseph” – Too Weak To Hug Each Other

The German fake-news outlet (June 22) reports that Georg and Joseph Ratzinger were too weak to hug each other.

The tabloid wrote that Georg is bedridden and cannot get up. The two brothers pressed each other’s hands knowing that it was likely the last time they see each other on earth.

On the days before, their final words were: “Servus Joseph” and “Servus Georg” respectively. The greeting "servus" is Bavarian for "hello" or "hi."

Benedict XVI flew back to Rome on Monday.


Every step of the Progressive becomes a status for the Conservative....Every abominable thing that is attempted becomes an admirable thing because it has succeeded — not because it is a successful institution, but solely because it has been a successful revolution.
No matter what Benedict does, Conspiracy Land has an evil explanation all lined up. Like so: Benedict stays in the Vatican? "He's a prisoner! He can't go anywhere! He can't see anyone!". Benedict takes trip to visit his brother? "Get the pope completely out of the Vatican, hope he dies..." Benedict finishes his trip? He was "Forced by the Satanists back into imprisonment."
Arthur McGowan
Forced by the Satanists back into imprisonment. These are frightening events.
Alex A
Give it a break Arthur!
Arthur McGowan
Mmmm. I don't think I will.
Another pic
F M Shyanguya
@Tesa 🙏 for the good picture.
He looks good and happy. Benedict loves "home"
Alex A
You'r absolutely right Tesa. He should stop 'home' with his brother.