Gloria Interview: "The Irish Have Saved Civilisation Before and We're About to Do it Again"

Ms. Niamh Ui Bhriain is a pro-life advocate who has helped organize pro-life rallies across Ireland. The most recent rally held in Dublin on March 10 gathered a crowd estimated at 100,000 people, the largest in the country’s history. Niamh’s pro-life advocacy goes back to a life-changing moment at age 13 when she was shown graphic images of aborted fetuses at the time of Ireland’s 1983 referendum which established legal protection for the unborn children in the Irish constitution and is known well today as the 8th Amendment. On May 25th Ireland will vote on whether to keep it in place or not. For years, “Ireland” has almost become synonymous with “bad news”. Has the devil taken over or only media propaganda?

Actually many would say quite the contrary. Ireland has always been a beacon of hope and light to the rest of the world, especially in relation to our pro-life laws. Even Planned Parenthood's Lawyer Julie Kay called Ireland the "Jewel in the Crown of the Pro-Life movement," but I would say it's even broader than that. Ireland is a beacon of light to the rest of the world, especially in regards to the life issues, and we intend to keep it that way.

Are there Irish Catholics ready to fight for civilization against forces who push for a relapse of society into barbarianism?

The Irish have saved civilisation before and we're about to do it again. We have thousands upon thousands of people in Ireland going door-to-door canvassing, putting up posters, passing out leaflets at concerts, sports events, and other events across the country... and we've all been working against this legislation for the past many years. We are gaining momentum and the more people find out about abortion and the legislation, the more they're against it. The Irish will Vote No to abortion on the 25th of May and will challenge the rest of the world to re-access their abortion laws.

You are associated with the Life Institute. What is this?

The Life Institute is an initiative committed to building a Culture of Life in Ireland and is a centre of excellence for the development of cutting-edge information campaigns which seek to protect human life and the family.

What fight are you engaged in at the moment?

Since 1983 Ireland’s 8th Amendment has protected innocent children in the womb and saved over 100,000 Irish children’s lives. On May 25th, the Irish people will vote on whether or not to uphold the 8th Amendment which protects life from conception and prohibits abortion. Ireland is so unique in the world today, standing as a country that literally has the sanctity of life written into the Constitution, and our culture is a vivid reflection of this respect for human life.

Is it true that Ireland’s protection of the unborn children has led to outstanding results?

Yes, as I mentioned before-- the 8th Amendment has saved over 250,000 Irish children's lives.

Your website states abortion numbers are falling. What is the reason?

Because of good support for mothers in Ireland... we are a progressive society and we believe that mothers deserve support, compassion and love.

What are your thoughts of mothers seeking an abortion in the case of rape?

For any mother who finds herself in this situation has been through serious trauma and for that reason she should be given the best support, care, and love.