Francis Slaps Italian Bishops THREE Times

The February 23-27 Forum “Mediterranean Frontier of Peace” in Florence was supposed to be a big event gathering sixty mayors from the Mediterranean area, sixty bishops, the Italian president, and Francis.

But first, Francis dropped out citing “knee pain,” second, he didn’t designate a legate to replace him, and third, when Italy’s President and the participating bishops gathered around screens to follow Francis’ Angelus – convinced that he would greet them – there was no word.

The reason for this embarrassment was the presence of Marсo Minniti, an atheist, Communist, former Minister of the Interior, and now president of Med-Or, a foundation belonging to Leonardo, the world’s eighth largest arms producer.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsRndmnpyrxe

@Stronzo Santelli This post has nothing to do with abortion or US politics. Quit hijacking other people's posts.
Someone talking about an 'atheist, Communist' could well to referring to Bergoglio.
Angelo Santelli
Meanwhile, here is a decent moral Catholic:
Manchin joins Republicans to BLOCK abortion rights bill
Wonder what anti-gun Francis thinks of the gun-totting teachers & beauty queens that our MSM are lauding as heroes? One thing I notice - all ladies. Guess feminism means it's OK. Someone tell NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.
When kneeling, praying and visiting the poor is actually propaganda, you know you are dealing with a communist.
James A Mitchell
Francis likes Communists and Atheists, so it must be that bit about Minniti being an arms dealer.