The Days Are Difficult: Let's Rejoice!

Sometimes people say that there is a "depressive mood" in the Church. Nevertheless, we should not confuse subjective moods with the objective reality.

The great reality in the Church is God, the Holy Trinity, Our Lady, the liturgy, the saints. Has anything changed in these realities? Of course not.

Has Jesus Christ promised us quiet days? Certainly not. Has God lost his strength in recent years? Never.

Let us rejoice that we are allowed to fight for the Church in "difficult days." Heroes and saints are born in such times. The days may be difficult, but the essential things have not changed. Days come and go. Christ remains.

The present difficulties have produced many good things. Catholics who were asleep until recently, woke up.

Without the pressure of the circumstances, we might never have started and gathered the crowd of Glorians who encourage each other to fight for the Church without ceasing.

Millions of contributions, commentaries and testimonials are a luminous testimony to our Faith. In deep gratitude we look during this Advent at our common work.

We have achieved a lot together. With God's help, even greater things lie before us. Join us in this joyful battle for the Church and the Faith. If possible, please support our common also in the future.

An opportunity to do so is this year's Advent-Finish.

You can donate:
- with credit card or Paypal via kindful
- by bank transfer to the Austrian account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488

We have every reason to look forward to Christmas. It will be a glorious victory for the Church.


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Picture: The Foolish Virgins, Magdeburg Cathedral, Germany (wikicommons)
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Thanks !!!! We need to hear this and remember this. It is easy to slip into despair in this environment. This is also something the enemy will capitalize on if we let him. Jesus I trust in You !!!!
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De Profundis
When tempted to vainglory, make an act of humility and when tempted to despair, make one of confidence. (Read the quote)
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Col. Buckshot
Excellent. Thank-you.
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