Notice the figure of Christ above his head. No cross. I interpret this as meaning Christ did not have to suffer and die for us. This was the temptation that Satan put in Peter's mind. Our Lord rebuked him, and we should also rebuke this travesty of a liturgy.
Vile human being.
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Homosexualistischer Priester hat seine Kapelle mit schlechtem Geschmack ausgestattet.
Hinterlader und Pädophile haben im Priestertum und auf dem Altar nichts verloren.
Cath intruth
🤮 🤮 🤮 😡 😡 😡
Louis IX
Did he get that table from the high school wood shop?
Ursula Sankt
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Kristus bez kríža? Preklad: Kňaz Fr. Chris Ponnet, zničil oltár s neuveriteľne zlým vkusom. Je tiež homosexuál, ktorý hovorí aktívnym homosexuálom, že môžu prijať prijímanie. Ponnet je kaplanom v Los Angeles County Hospital, Los Angeles
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Ako pektorál kardinála v bielom, všimol si to vôbec niekto?
Lisi Sterndorfer
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos
They have to mock everything that is truly Catholic. The rainbow was once a symbol for Noah. June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, now the secular world and in some cases, Christian world have to push the sin of "pride" on all things. God have mercy on us.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Quote from a saint.