Becciu Farce: Francis Wants a Trial - But According to His Private Rules

“A special court" and "an ad hoc criminal procedure" which “suspends the certainty of law". This is how defence lawyers describe the Vatican’s Becciu trial. Francis published four rescripts which derogate from the legislation in force and introduce ad hoc procedures only for this trial.

Thus, the prosecutors may follow the motto "I'll throw you in a cell to make you confess," and sow panic without the scrutiny of an investigating judge. This happened to the broker Gianluigi Torzi who came voluntarily to the Vatican to answer the prosecutors’ questions but was arrested until he denounced others.

The prosecution justifies these abuses with “pious” arguments such as: “Francis is the sole legislator and promoter of justice." Or: Francis’ rescripts are "an expression of the supreme power of the Pope, whose basis is ultimately divine law."

Becciu’s main accuser and former right-hand, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, was “pardoned” by Francis for his "spontaneous declarations."

However, the defence never saw the transcript of his interrogations. It had only eight days to prepare its preliminary requests based on thousands of pages which the accusation collected for almost two years of investigations. However, the defence saw only a part of them.

Picture: Angelo Becciu © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsAwelphrknv