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Démoni se zjeví po 3. světové válce a zhubí většinu obyvatel kvůli NEPOKÁNÍ. To předpověděla nejen blahoslavená Taigi, ale nedávno i 10letý chlapeček, který přežil svou smrt. TOHLE NEDOPADNE …More
Démoni se zjeví po 3. světové válce a zhubí většinu obyvatel kvůli NEPOKÁNÍ.

To předpověděla nejen blahoslavená Taigi, ale nedávno i 10letý chlapeček, který přežil svou smrt. TOHLE NEDOPADNE DOBŘE PRO LIDSTVO V BLÍZKÉ BUDOUCNOSTI. CHLAPEC ZPROSTŘEDKOVAL ZPRÁVU LIDSTVU A POTÉ ZEMŘEL. Hi brothers and sisters! I wanted to share my son, my oldest son, his near death experience, that he had, when he was 10 years old. Now since then he actually had died, when he was 13 years old. I know I'm gonna see him again in heaven. I wanted to tell you, that before he actually died, he had a near death experience, in which. He was 10 years old and he was dead for a total of 40 minutes. Not 4 minutes, but 40. What happened, is he had a near drowning experience. He was gonna for 40 minutes, like I said before, when he they brought him back to life. They said, that he was going to be a vegetable, because he went without oxygen for so long, for 40 minutes. And they said, there is no way, that he would be normall again. Of course we all know, that God can do anything, right. Let us just say my son, who is not brain dead, when they brought him back to life, he was on life support for 5 days. When he pulled the room his mind was perfectly fine. However his lunges and his heart was not. So that's why he ended up dying three years later when he was 13. I'm going to get into his near death experience right now. I'm going to tell you what exactly he told me when he died. And when he was brought back. What he told me on the details. This is what he said. He said, he was shown the future. He said, that there is going to be a world war III. That was going to take place on the Earth. He said his brother is going to get into the army. In that his brother was going to get on the wrong side in life, which he's referring to my son Daniel. He said he was going to get on the wrong side of life but he would figure it out in the act where was I doing this World War III. He said you were not on Earth. He said, you were already in heaven. Why am I being up and having before this happens is it was World War III he said mum. He said people thinks they are going to have to worry about World War III. He said that's not what people have to worry about mum. He said there's something bad and evil coming. And I said o really? I have said, what's that? And he said, it is the War of the Demons, the War of the alien demons. That's what he called them. He call them alien demons. He said that there were these creatures is demon alien type creatures and he said they were evil. And they were part of satan's army and satan seen was going to wage war upon this world and try to destroy everyone here. And he said, World War III is going to be bad. He said, but it is nothing, nothing compared to the war that is coming form the alien demonic beeings. He said they will come to try to destroy and they were going to eat people. This is, what he told me. He said, they were going to eat people. These demon alien thing is you know there are no aliens they are going to protect themselves as aliens, but they are demons. He said, they were demons, demonic aliens. Demonic, they were demons. They were creatures and they were from satan and he said there were going to wage war upon this earth. And they were going to eat people. Oh, wow, you now. So that was with his experience was you guys. That is what my son told me. And what is so weird is, my other son he hasn't had his brother in so many years, because you know he died. He has burn like over 16 years, that he is burnt gone. And what is funny, not funny actually it is not really funny, it is my son did join the army. That is actually lining up. He is not in the army now, but he was. So that is actually lining up with exactly what my son told me about what would happen. So I can feeling still happen one time is going to be drafted when World War III begins. wanted to share that with you and I think the baby is I think is being aborted men that are having abortion those are all the babies that are being aborted that there are workers that take care of these babies and took someone in the family comes from forgot to tell you that is then and he would die finally, when his mission The Google English transcript: assignment or the request. nobody he died when he died. When he dies at the age of 13, he has so many from his school cam up. Romanian I never like you said it was like the nicest said we ever met your son who is wonderful and they actually held at church service you guys are in there tonight they used my Son's testimony about his life about how he was as a person cuz he was a really good yet he that is he was he was awesome then you can take the testimony and you know that night 13-14 kids. What down to the altar in jubilife to Jesus Christ is my son he completed his mission and his death because 14 kids was saved. Because of his testimony, because of his life and because the house is lived is like he was a good girl and he gave his heart to Jesus when he was a little boy and he had such a good person dies in heaven when you die you're going to go to heaven or hell you have got to make the choice. If you don't know Jesus Christ today ask him into your heart.