A Spanish bishop has decried as “aggressive and crude” the six sex education guides being promoted by the socialist government in Getafe, Spain.

Spanish bishop calls government sex ed guides ‘aggressive and crude’

ACI Prensa Staff, Apr 20, 2021 / 10:32 am America/Denver (CNA). Warning: This article contains graphic sexual content that may not be appropriate …
A far more effective measure is taking to the ballot box @mccallansteve Socialist governments are as ruthless as they are effective in dealing with dissidents who "take to the streets".
The bishops fight the war with words. The powers that be must be disgusted at their cowardice and see them as unworthy opponents. Note to bishops; Enough with your endless talk, take to the streets and call us laymen to join you . We will. Of course, they will never do this as it requires courage.