New Bishop: Those Supporting Homosexualism Must Not Be Ordained

Seminarians supporting homosexualism should not be ordained, Father Earl Fernandes - who was appointed Columbus Bishop, Ohio, on April 2 - wrote in “Seminary Formation and Homosexuality.” It is a 44-page booklet published in 2018.

Fernandes argues that a homosex subculture is plaguing seminaries since the sexual revolution [or rather: since Vatican II] and criticises that Cardinal Ratzinger’s 2005 instructions against homosexual seminarians has been ignored.

Fernandes explains that rejecting the natural meaning of sexuality began with contraception. He wants the Church to resist the oligarchs' push for justifying homosexual activity. It would not be surprising if Fernandes, after becoming a bishop, would repudiate his old convictions.


Imagine a bishop actually having to say this? What a sad state of affairs.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
If he does change his positions and wimp out on the issue of homos, it would probably because Bergoglio and his people got to him. Go up yonder soon, Francis-(and then down below)
Louis IX
I doubt he’ll change his convictions and he is spot on about contraception.
atreverse pensar
A friar cannot live in a convent of nuns.