Washington DC archbishop Gregory, "Birth is only the first moment of a person’s human dignity, which is never lost throughout the journey of life."

Black Catholics: Words not enough as church decries racism

NEW YORK (AP) — Black Roman Catholics are hearing their church’s leaders calling for racial justice once again after the killing of George Floyd, …
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St. John the Baptist at six months in the womb of St. Elizabeth, demonstrated the greatest dignity in acknowledging the supreme dignity of Jesus Christ, then less than three months in Mary's womb.
@Hound of Heaven I caught that too. These people are evil. He knows exactly what he said, even though the Church and scripture say that conception confers dignity.
Hound of Heaven
Doesn't the "first moment of a person's human dignity" begin well before "birth" in Catholic teaching? Does the archbishop mean to imply that the child in the womb does not have any "human dignity"?