Bizarre Information in the McCarrick Report

The November 10 McCarrick report contains in side- and footnotes the following assessments:

• When McCarrick was considered to become a bishop, a recommendation said: “Monsignor McCarrick would not be a cause of scandal of any kind.”

• In the early 1980s, McCarrick’s rising profile drew the attention of the FBI and the KGB. A KGB agent tried to befriend him but the FBI asked him to serve as a counterintelligence asset. McCarrick declined, but the FBI persisted. McCarrick asked Nuncio Laghi who said that McCarrick should “not be negative” about the proposal. It is unclear whether McCarrick accepted it.

• Speaking about episcopal nominations, then Newark Archbishop McCarrick said at a January 1990 dinner, “I deserve New York!”

• New York Cardinal O’Connor, who opposed McCarrick’s nomination to Washington, joked at a public event, “Archbishop McCarrick is here, so sew up your pockets.”

• McCarrick told Susan Gibbs, the Washington Archdiocese communications director, in 2002 about sharing his bed with seminarians: “I’m the Archbishop so nothing is going to happen."

• The report speaks more than 300 times about “Viganò” but uses the word “homosexual” only 11 times. Once a footnote explains that “’Queenie’ is a slang term, sometimes used derisively to refer to a homosexual man.”


McCarrick Report: "After Priest 3 finished describing the incidents, Bishop Hughes advised Priest 3 to forget about McCarrick’s misconduct and to forgive McCarrick 'for the good of the Church.'"
"Through Archbishop Gänswein..." appears every time in the McCarrick Report when referencing a current statementby Benedict XVI
All about the press. From the report:

"According to a 2 June 2010 internal memorandum of the Secretariat of State, Cardinal George and Archbishop Wuerl both expressed the belief that a birthday message from the Holy Father seemed inopportune because there remained “the possibility that the New York Times is going to publish a nasty article, already prepared, about the Cardinal’s ‘moral life’.”
All these players in the Cartoon, named by Viganò in 2018 (Tobin, Farrell, Cupich), are exonerated in the McCarrick report
Question: O’Connor covered for McCarrick in the mid-90s? Why did he change his tune when McCarrick was likely to succeed him?
Another detail: On 21 Nov 92, McCarrick wrote that he turned over a letter to “our friends in the FBI”