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You have to wonder what's going on. These men are strong, healthy and used to standing at attention for a long time. I visited Rome in 2010 and was amazed when I attended a papal event and the Swiss guards were motionless for almost 2 HOURS! The time was so lengthy that a sunbeam enveloped and moved on from one guard to another and I wondered how they could have endured it.
As we know, Bergoglio forced the jabs on all Vatican employees. Evil. and one more user link to this post
I ask, have we ever seen so many of the above incidence happening in every part of the world? Bergoglio the demon owns this one.
Jeffrey Ade
OK! You got me! Soccer players for sure!
Live Mike
Jeffrey Ade
No one will even know! I love evolution and my jab!
This was held in the satanically inspired Paul VI hall.
Jeffrey Ade
When I first saw that I was stunned, just for an instance, then I registered oh yeah that si like those people! Satan loves his snakes! and one more user link to this post
Krystian N.
A good jab he took .. but not by Mike Tyson.
Jeffrey Ade
Yeah he wouldn't be getting up, and I'm sure he would have had an ear full! and one more user link to this post
The lie still lives on ,they dont want to admit that the injections are bad
Anthony St Joseph
Wow. Now we really will watch anything.
Jeffrey Ade
When it is as funny as this! Hard to resist!