Another Monument to Francis' Pauperism Ideology

Trying to cover up the Vatican's religious vacuum, Francis blessed an expensive sculpture celebrating "poverty" in St. Peter's Square on November 9. It …
This statue in the heart of the Vatican looks like a tribute to the demon's 'seeming' victory over man-kind. A blanket being pulled over undignified, impoverished souled, reduced, and distressed man-kind. Gloat-signaling like this must mean their time is almost done, thank God. Cue the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!!
Sally Dorman shares this
Francis blessed the statute titled "Sheltering", by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, today. The Vincentian religious orders and lay communities are using the statue in conjunction with a project to build houses for some 10,000 people in more than 160 countries.
Sally Dorman
Louis IX
Looks like a perfectly healthy young man who should be able to work for a living.
P. O'B
The weirder and creepier you are, the more modern Rome likes you. Meanwhile, the true "marginalized" are those on the "periphery" of the Church, those with faith, barely hanging on under the Francis persecution.
Darrell J Roman
One of the first things I would do if I were pope, I would pack up all of these metal statues that Francis comissioned and sell them for scrap metal... I'm surprised that he doesn't have a statue for the LGBT group and prostitutes that he is always in communication with....