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Pro-transgender UK politician claims children are ‘born without sex’

Labour Party MP Dawn Butler said that distinguishing males from females based on reproductive organs 'doesn’t help the conversation.'
comfort ye
No, darling. Transwomen are men who have buried their brains and murdered their consciences. No amount of makeup and preening will change what you are before your Creator.
F M Shyanguya
More likely than not that she is a tyranny herself. Cf response from Twitter on this matter, proving it.
Brexit isn't going to fix this. :P One of Britain's few remaining uses to the West is as a cautionary example of socialism left unchecked and unopposed..
Krystian N.
Each child is born with the penis or with the vagina. Anyone who denies it should be in a mental insitution.
Jim Dorchak
This woman is missing some thing important...... a brain.