Cardinal Müller Implies That Francis' Anti-Mass Crusade Lacks "Prudence and Respect"

Munich Cardinal Marx’s resignation shows that the German Synodal Path which is conducted like a "political undertaking," has failed, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told (June 4).

For him, the German synod defies divine law and “Marx is responsible" for this. Müller stresses that Marx, a "friend" of Francis, wants to delegate to the latter the task of solving the German problems.

The plan of the German bishops is according to Müller not to produce a schism - which they wouldn't be able to implement as their only power base is the oligarchs' media - but to become the leaders in Francis' Church. Müller fancies that there are “still many” German Catholics who are "resentful" of the anti-Catholic bishops.

About Covid-19, the cardinal said that it was a mistake to allow the state to dictate how to deal with the sacraments, and that the state is “an authority that has become authoritarian.”

Regarding the looming rescission of Summorum Pontificum, Müller said that "one cannot act with authoritarianism now, by prohibiting [the Mass]; it takes prudence and respect." Müller belittles the big renewal which is moving forward to the Roman Rite as "trends" which have been reconciled by Benedict XVI.


This shouldn't come as too much of a shock to the Cardinal since he's referring to a Pope who orchestrated a pagan festival within the Vatican itself.