Climate Hysteria versus Reality

RiposteLaique.com (August 30) published some observations about the climate hysteria.

• When snow fell in the Sahara in 2016 this was called a “once in a century” – but then snow fell more heavily, and over larger areas in 2018 and 2021.

• Climate alarmists predicted 31 years ago that most of the low-lying coasts and islands would be submerged before the year 2000.

• The thickness and surface area of Greenland's glaciers are increasing.

• Changes in climate depend not on men but on sunspots; satellite-measurement since 1978 has shown that total solar irradiation is not constant.

• The carbon dioxide content of the air (0.04%) has remained stable for 50 years.

• The current heatwave is less than the 1911 heatwave.

• "The Arctic is experiencing its coldest summer in 64 years” (Danish Meteorological Institute).

• Australian Institute of Marine Science: The Great Barrier Reef - which was predicted to disappear due to global warming – hit a 36-year-highs last year.

Picture: © Stuart Rankin, CC BY-NC, #newsKsdamzeqjs

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