Conservative German Bishop: Rome Will Introduce Married Priesthood – Celibate Priests Disappear

The Vatican seems to be introducing a married priesthood, Passau Bishop Stefan Oster, Germany, told Passauer Neue Presse (March 23).

Oster is considered the most "conservative" German bishop.

Pope Francis has asked for “new ways,” Oster reminds that celibacy is "not a dogma” [as if the dogmas were taken seriously in the present Church].

He points to the Amazonian Synod where he expects married priesthood to be discussed.

Oster believes that celibacy will disappear and only survive in monasteries.

Picture: Stefan Oster, © Pressestelle Bistum Passau, CC BY-SA, #newsBeqbzoahnw
The modernists will one day proclaim the Eucharist nothing but a representation of Christ. We remnant must fight till the end
Francis came to destroy what little faith was left. Pray that Jesus will find faith when he returns. The church is being purified by fire.
I hope everybody is prepared. The modernists unending repetitions force us to repeat ourselves as well.