The Talmud Jews Mass Media, Is A Weapon

. Jews Dominate Large Media,
. Terrible For All Humans.

Once again, the massive media outlets have been used against humanity- deceiving people, inciting fear and causing disorder and destruction.
This time the Jew dominated media is using a virus to cause turmoil and deceive people, so the people’s of the world will passively allow their servants/governments to become their masters.
Remember the chaos caused by the non stop lies of the Talmud Media, and the Jew George Sorros’ money, that made the “Black Lives Matter” riots?
Divide and conquer.
They have incessantly inflicted guilt on european Americans for slavery, however the big media never mentions that Jews were significant African slave traders and owners.
The Talmud Media is horrendously biased, for the abortionists, they insist on calling them Pro-Choice! Rather than baby killers.
There have been numerous events involving guns that have been suspicious, such as the “Las Vegas Hotel Shooter,” and the absurdly fake mosque shooting in CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z. The Talmud Media does not investigate the abnormalities of these events, they instead have 24/7 reruns of the sensational events and demands for Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment right.
The Talmud Jew Media is a terribly destructive weapon.
Jesus Is The Truth, false Jews have contempt for Him.