Ladaria on German Synod: "Everything Must Be Changed"

The German Synod considers Catholic sexual morality "irredeemable", observed Cardinal Ladaria, Prefect of the CDF, during the Ad Limina visit of the German bishops (VaticanNews.va, November 24): "Everything must be changed."

He proclaimed to the Germans the truism that human sexuality "is not free of ambivalence" and expressed the wish that their Synod had more confidence in the "vision" about sexuality that the [decadent] Magisterium had developed "in recent decades".

In hyperbolic terms, he stated that the preservation of the "constitutive life-receiving and transmitting character of man" was one of the great "prophetic tasks" of the faithful in this time of "progressive commercialisation of human existence".

The Synod, he said, presents the Church "as a structurally abusive organisation" which "must be brought under the control of superintendents as soon as possible" and it believes that the dignity of women in the Church is "not respected" because Christ reserved the priesthood for men.

In doing so, the Synod forgets what Vatican II says about bishops and apostolic succession.

It is not possible to equate the "delicate and decisive" task of bishops in the Church with other offices in the Church, for example those of "theologians" and "experts" in other sciences, Ladaria noticed.

Picture: Ad-Limina © Pressefoto, Deutsche Bischofskonferenz, #newsWkwinxbono

Most of it is already changed,,,
When heart is sullied and impure,
To moral law it does demur.
"Too hard for man!" the catch cry rings,
From mounds of flesh indulged in sin.
He says nothing.
In other words, he says to them: go ahead.