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Schneider on Francis' Visit: "Supermarket of Religions"

Wednesday’s World Congress of Religions in Astana attended by Francis gave the impression of a “supermarket of religions,” Astana Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider told journalists on the last day of Francis’ visit to Kazakhstan on September 15.

Schneider spoke of a "show" and of presenting Catholicism as one religion among many while there is only one true religion, namely the Church founded by God himself. He warned that the political elites can "abuse this meeting for their own agendas."

It is normal to have difference with Francis because bishops are not employees to a boss but brothers, Schneider explained, “This is collegiality, this is fraternity.” He has criticised Francis’ controversial decision "to allow" adulterer Communion and to forbid Roman Mass,

“When I in conscience see that something is not correct or ambiguous, I have to say it to him with respect, fraternally, and this is Church,” Schneider added who welcomed Francis to Astana Cathedral for a meeting with the clergy and accompanied him to the altar.


Ursula Sankt
“We are not employees of the Pope, the bishops. We are brothers,” he said, adding that bishops who disagree with the Pope have to be forthright and should not be caught in “adulations and incense.” Pope Francis has said in the past that he welcomes such “constructive criticism”
Ursula Sankt
“We’re not one of the many religions, we’re the only one true religion which God commanded to all people to believe..."
Klaus Heid
Das wird ja immer schlimmer mit den etlichen ausländischen Beiträgen. Schlimm...
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Within the next day or two, a document he signed, accusing the pope of heresy, was published.
I hate collegiality!
Converted, born-again saint Paul intimated saint Peter about circumcision. He admonished first pope, who was wrong. Jesus didn't say - here is Peter, you have to listen to him, to obey him in everything now. What we have to listen the most and all popes too is Evangelion.
Pray for the conversion of those clergy that deviated from the Truth and repent
Francis wants the Catholic religion to be just one of a countless others, each leading to Heaven
Bishop Athanasius Schneider's mother Maria was one of several women to shelter the Blessed Oleksa Zaryckyj, a Ukrainian priest later imprisoned at the infamous Karlag and in 1963 martyred by the Soviet regime for his ministry.
Angie W.
Monsignor Athanasius Schneider is gravely mistaken. Neither Saint Paul nor Saint John the Evangelist of love were "collegiality". Saint Paul anathematizes those who preach "another gospel" and Saint John warns us not to become accomplices of heretics and that the mere fact of greeting heretics is to become a participant in their sin.
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Schneider criticises Pope Francis in Kazakhstan
Hound of Heaven
But at what 'Costco'?(!!)
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Francis to Religious in Kazakhstan: "Let us dream and, with God’s grace, work for a Church increasingly filled with the joy of the risen Lord, fearless and uncomplaining, rejecting rigidity, dogmatism and moralizing."