Preynat Trial: Dirty Games Against Cardinal Barbarin

The lawyers of Lyon Cardinal Philippe Barbarin publicly criticised the trial against former Father Bernard Preynat, who allegedly abused scouts in the 80s and 90s.

In March 2019, Barbarin was condemned for allegedly having “hushed up” the Preynat case. He has since withdrawn from running Lyon Archdiocese.

This conviction was so scandalous that Cardinal Sarah called Barbarin a martyr.

During his recent trial, Preynat tried to implicate Barbarin into his crimes, although they happened a decade before Barbarin took over in Lyon.

Now, Barbarin’s lawyers denounce the duplicity of Preynat’s accusers “who have constantly contested the credibility of Mr. Preynat” but now use his claims to push for a possible indictment of the Cardinal.

Further, they attacked Barbarin in his absence during the Preynat trial, but before kept avoiding to ask for a confrontation between the Cardinal and Preynat.

Picture: Philippe Barbarin, © MEDEF, CC BY-SA