Vatican Defends Marthe Robin

An unsigned October 8 article on French defends the 2014 proclamation of the “heroic virtues” of the alleged French mystic Marthe Robin (+1981).

The article is a reply to La Fraude mystique de Marthe Robin (The Mystical Fraud of Marthe Robin), a book published in October posthumously by the renowned Belgian Carmelite Father Conrad de Meester (+2019).

The Bishop of Valence, France, called De Meester in 1988 as the theological censor for Marthe Robin's writings. He quickly run into problems. His book is the the result of two decades of research. claims that de Meester’s criticisms were considered in the procedure leading to the recognition of Marthe’s heroic virtues.

De Meester insists that Marthe was certainly handicapped, but not paralysed, nor blind as she claimed, because she had hadwritten some of her writings.

He also pointed out that almost all her writings or accounts of mystical experiences can be attributed to other spiritual authors, who are never cited.

The Vatican’s sloppy work during canonisation processes is no mystery.