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Pope Francis announces his plan to visit South Sudan

shalomworldtv Nov 12 2019 During his Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis urged the faithful to pray for the African nation of South Sudan, which he plans to visit next year. The Pope said he wished to …More
shalomworldtv Nov 12 2019 During his Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis urged the faithful to pray for the African nation of South Sudan, which he plans to visit next year. The Pope said he wished to renew his invitation "to all those involved in the national political process to seek what unites and to overcome what divides, in a spirit of true brotherhood." The Holy Father expressed the hope that the international community would not neglect to accompany South Sudan on the path to national reconciliation. Pope Francis said he has a 'special affection' for South Sudan. South Sudan gained independence in 2011 and since then around 4 lakh people have been killed in the civil war. Anti-government protesters attack church in Chile Far-left anti-government protestors desecrated a Catholic church in Chile's capital Santiago and set fire to the statues of Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Saints. The bishops' conference of Chile denounced the attack. They expressed closeness to “the communities and pastors” of the other cities in which places of worship have been targeted in violent protests. They said that "An attack on temples and places of prayer, without any respect for God or for those who believe in Him, causes us pain." They reminded that "Temples and other places of worship are sacred." Since the beginning of the protests around 20 people have been killed in Chile. Armenian Catholic priest Hovsep Petoyan murdered in Syria Hovsep Petoyan, Pastor of the Armenian Catholic Community of Qamishli and his father Hanna Petoyan have been shot dead by a Syrian terrorist group while they were traveling to a nearby catholic church in the town of Deir ez-Zor. Deacon Fati Sano, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was severely wounded. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack. Islamic states official media outlet claimed responsibility for the attack. Qamishli is a famous Syrian town that is well known for its religious and ethnic diversity. Claire Evans, Regional Manager for the Middle East for International Christian Concern said that violence in northern Syria and the targeting of Armenian leadership is a tragedy that deeply wounds the region’s entire Christian community. She said we must keep the Christian community of Syria in our prayers, and urge for an end to this senseless conflict. Bishop Michael Mulvey donates bone marrow to save a mother's life Bishop Michael Mulvey of Corpus Christi helped save the life of a woman by donating his bone marrow to her. Bishop Michael Mulvey had joined the world's largest register for bone marrow transplants (BMT), 'Be the Match' a year ago, which is run by the National Marrow Donor Program. The registry connects patients searching for a cure with life-saving bone marrow donors. The bone marrow transplantation is used to cure cancers in the blood as well as diseases in the bones and immune system. Bishop Michael Mulvey said he was humbled by the experience to contribute to the well-being of the mother and her family. We are called to prepare for Eternal life with our choices: Pope Francis Pope Francis in his angelus on Sunday called upon Christians to prepare for eternal life with our choices. The Holy Father stressed that "the resurrection is not only the fact of resurrecting after death, but it is a new kind of life that we can already experience now. He reminded that eternal life is our destiny and it is in this life that we are called to prepare through evangelical choices. Pope Francis invited Christians to think that this earthly dimension in which we live now is not the only one, but there is another, no longer subject to death, in which it will be fully manifested that we are children of God.” Following the angelus Pope Francis also offered prayers for South Sudan and Bolivia.