Homosexual Stripper Dressed as a Franciscan Performs at Public University

The public Tennessee Tech University hosted a stripping “drag” dressed like a Franciscan friar on August 20.

Young children were handing cash to the homosexual. His lewd dancing to the song “Make Me to Church” was designed to mock Christians.

Following a backlash, the university is now "investigating" the circumstances, but is only focusing on the involvement of minors.

The university's president, Phil Oldham, agreed that the performance was offensive and pro forma condemned any derogatory mockery of religion. However, the next performance with the same person is scheduled for September 24.

Catholic League's Bill Donohue called the show in a September 9 statement “indefensible” and asked Oldham to disinvite the homosexual.


Jeffrey Ade
I'm not gonna watch it but hey they are what hey are!