Francis: “Resignation Doesn’t Cross My Mind”

Francis has reassured Brazilian bishops during a June 20 Ad Limina visit that resigning “does not cross his mind” (VaticanNews.va). According to Port…
Alex A
"It never crosses his mind" Bet it does with thousands of the faithful.
Ideologues typically cling tightly on their vision to the very end.
Tony M
No .....he will never resign......we need an Imperfect Council to investigate all potential Canonical errors involved in the process of his coming to the Chair of Peter..... starting with the fact that he was a very well entrenched commie heretic for decades before March 13, 2013.
How ever is it possible for a heretic to be validly elected Pope??????
Just me
@Tony M You can blame mccarrick for that. If we had "Real" Catholics in the vatican, they would throw him out by what mccarrick did alone.
Dante Alighieri
He must be reading GTV.
Whether he resigns or is forced to go some other way, Lord make it soon.