Heralds of the Gospel: The Big Enemy Is Cardinal Bráz de Aviz

He does not understand why the Heralds of the Gospel were put under tutelage by Francis. Humberto Goedert, 53, a celibate ex-secretary general of the group and Brazilian lawyer writes this on (October 12).

Anti-Church outlets claimed that alleged exorcisms performed by Herald priests triggered the tutelage.

“If that were the case, why were our nuns and laity also put under a commissioner?” – Goedert objects.

He says that Cardinal João Bráz de Aviz, the Brazil born Prefect of the Congregation for Religious, never replied to the information he received from the Heralds, nor were the Heralds provided with a report about the Vatican inquiry. “What about dialogue?” Goedert asks.

The Heralds possess information dating back to 2010 showing that Bráz predicted an “imminent closing down” of the Heralds, even before he was promoted to Rome by Benedict XVI.

God bless the Heralds of the Gospel! They celebrate the mass with beautiful reverance.
Francis HATES faithful Catholics.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
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