‘Artist’ at Slade School in London Won’t Sell Her Work to Zionists

The absurdist news about a would-be prisoner-of-antisemitic conscience, whose daring act of support for the Palestinians consists in …
Naomi Arai
@Alex A
Why people would trust Islamists living where they are specifically to exterminate another religion is beyond me. Most “Palestinians” are nationals of other Muslim lands. These same Mohammedans will come kill all Christians next…and call it “worshipping Allah”.
Alex A
Frankly, she can sell her work to ever she chooses, after all, its her work. As for her rationale, that's a different question all together. Sadly, she has swallowed the pro-Palestinian propaganda, hook, line and sinker, like so many other ill-informed people across the western-world.
Sean Johnson
Great news!