Extraordinary: Swiss Bishops Publicly Rant Against Their Nuncio

Swiss Nuncio Thomas Gullickson, 69, is an “undiplomatic diplomate” and likes to “rant”,, the official webpage of the Swiss bishops, ranted on July 1.

Gullickson stands accused of being closer to Ratzinger than to Francis, to be “a fan of the Latin Mass,” to oppose aborting children and to have “sympathies” for the Society of Saint Pius X. quotes an anti-Catholic Swiss newspaper which wrote in 2015 that Gullickson is conservative “like many representatives of the US clergy.”

The webpage is angry at Gullickson for tweeting the truism that “the anti-baby pill does to babies what IS does to adults."

Gullickson’s recent statement that “Jesus would not recognize himself in today’s church” provokes's outcry that “for the Nuncio, the past does not refer to biblical times which were dynamic, many-voiced, diverse” – as if the “dynamic, many-voiced, diverse” Swiss Bishops would tolerate anybody who differs from their rigid and narrow party-line. reproaches Gullickson for the wonderful paraments in which he ordained two deacons of the "conservative" Fraternity of Saint Peter and insinuates that these paraments would not have suited the taste of Christ.

It’s more likely that the bible enthusiastic has no clue about the Bible and the pompous ornate the High Priest used in the temple of Jerusalem in the sight of Christ. defames Gullickson de facto as an “Anti-semite” for criticising the U.S. billionaire George Soros who made his money with immoral financial speculations.

However, for, Soros is a promoter of a better society and even a “Holocaust survivor” although Soros admitted in a 1998 interview with Steve Kroft that as a teenager he was involved in confiscating Jewish property for the National Socialists and feels not guilty about this. promised a second installment of its Gullickson bashing.


Gullickson: rejoice this day because great will be your reward in Heaven...