Rev Patrick Mahoney re: Norma McCorvey

From the Facebook page of Rev Pat Mahoney, a Protestant Pastor in the Washington DC area:

I know there has been much discussion about the recent comments Norma made on the FX Documentary about her life. I will address my thoughts regarding those in a longer post in a day or so. Right now, I would like to share a beautiful conversation I had with her regarding her love of the pro-life movement and those involved.

We were hanging out and talking over a meal (Norma LOVED to hang out and talk) and Norma shared this very moving story. She said how much she loved and appreciated the pro-life community because it felt like it was a family she never had. Norma went on to say she felt accepted and appreciated which was something that she never felt with the pro-choice movement.

Norma said, they never hung out with her. Never socialized with her. Rather, she said, they made her feel like the "ugly stepdaughter" and were embarrassed by her. That is why she so enjoyed hanging out with "us!" She was part of our tribe, not because she was "Jane Roe," but because she just Norma.

I think you saw her close connection to the pro-life community at her Memorial Service where she requested only pro-leaders to speak and didn't have any pro-choice leaders involved at all.

Norma was complex, at times difficult, unique, fun loving, fragile and a special person. She was loved by me and our entire community. No documentary can ever take that away.