Our Holy Church is 2000+ old and few heretical popes in its history will not bring it down. We have Cathecism and the Magisterium and Unchangeable Dogmas to follow.
Charles E Formaggio
This is satire. “ 2617646 Ocean View Av” is not real address.
Eric M
A true Jew calling out Bergoglio-the-fraud for who he is. Why aren't Catholics filing suit against Bergoglio for posing as a pope when in fact he is not a legitimate pope according to Canon Law? Another big fraud right there. So what if the Vatican Bank is broke as a joke?? 😀
"according to Canon Law" Eric M? Which Canon law? ;-)
Jews the puppet masters, Francis the puppet, what are you? Follow Francis and lose your soul.
Fifteen hours and Matty hasn't shown up yet? He'd never miss a post like this. Gee.. I hope the guy's alright. Why's the Jewish dude telling Pope Francis to leave?
@Ultraviolet, @pmfji Francis is a puppet. They are the puppet masters.
What does that make the followers of Francis? God forbid that I follow an ungodly man!
I don't care what it makes the followers of Francis since I don't follow Francis. Hey, where IS Matty, anyway? You're like his "Mini-Me" but a mainstream GTV post about Jews without Matty's own special blend of stupid just doesn't seem right.
@Ultraviolet but @pmfji thinks you follow Francis the puppet of the puppet masters. No infiltration, Rome has not lost the faith: all is alright.
Pattfm - no I don't.
I hope Pinchus is a great satirist!
Country Papist
Oy Vey!
The Goyim are knowing!
That's HIS opinion of you "Francis"
Just wait until you hear Christ's!
Novella Nurney
All compelling and good points.
J G Tasan
I agree; but the writer is a bit selfish... 😀
Novella Nurney
Right? The sheer audacity! The Pontifical Commissions didn't think things through very well did they?