German Bishop: “I did already dislike Gänswein in the seminary"

Bishop Reinhold Nann, 59, the prelate of Caravelí, Peru, published a sarcastic “Obituary for Georg Gänswein” on (February 9).

"I readily admit: I disliked Gänswein already during our time together in the seminary in Freiburg," he writes:

"Even then he was very concerned about his appearance, smiling radiantly but engaged in hard verbal assaults, extremely conservative."

Both, Nann and Gänswein were ordained for Freiburg Archdiocese. Then, Gänswein went straight to Rome, because: "In a German parish or diocese he would have been unacceptable due to his polarising nature".

Now, Nann is happy that Gänswein "finally” is no longer next to Francis, “But he is still allowed to be Benedict's nurse," he scoffs.

Not everyone was happy about Nann's obituary: "Is this how bishops treat each other?" Father Johannes Buchmüller asks in a comment.

Picture: 2006, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVryssiahcg

Gänswein and Bergoglio are great friends who get along very well, contrary to what one might think. Gänswein is very happy that the Antichrist appointed him as Ratzinger's jailer for life, which Bergoglio doesn't like at all, as evidenced by Naboth's vineyard at Castel Gandolfo...
Interestingly Ganswein become Benedict secretary since 2003 even before Benedict became a Pope! So he probably has been working with Bergoglio all along.
Really bitchy.
The irony of viciously attacking someone while accusing them of "hard verbal assaults". Way to go, Bishop! You're setting a great example here.
J G Tasan
It’s a human nature, though...

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive and have mercy on us - the sinful sinners!

My daily ceterum censeo: drain the swamp from very, very top to bottom. All 5000+ bishops have to be fired. ALL. Including Nann. Very, very few exceptions, up to 20 max.