Canto dei Sanfedisti - The Anthem of the Sanfedists.

"Sanfedismo (from Santa Fede, "Holy Faith") was a popular anti-Jacobin movement, organized by Cardinal Fabrizio Ruffo, which mobilized peasants of the Kingdom of Naples against the Pro-French Parthenopaean Republic in 1799, its aims culminating in the restoration of the Monarchy under Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies. Its full name was the Army of Holy Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and its members were called Sanfedisti."

Canto dei Sanfedisti - The Anthem of the Sanfedists

Edouardo_Matania_-_Il_Giuramento_Dei_Sanfedisti_(engraving)_-_The Oath Of The Sanfedists: