To support eating worms, bugs for common people, they will appeal to st John the Baptist, who ate raw locusts.
Arent crabs lobsters and shrimps insects from the sea ?i like those not the the ones crawling over and in every garbage can
If we were supposed to eat insects, much like wearing masks, we would have normalised it thousands of years ago. There are billions of them, they are everywhere. If they were actually a healthy way of sustaining human life, we never would have started farming animals.
Rand Miller
More research needs to be done.
Jeffrey Ade
Or just watch the movie Hildalgo, it's science!
Laura Yunque
Thank you for posting this - very important.
so right .Its also to dehumanize humanity to a mere animal ,God gave us the authority and power to manage all animals including eating them ,We even save their species in a big ark during the flood ,But the elites they are godless and materialistic people that think because they have money they are superior other human beings .Shame on them