Archbishop Gullickson Muses About FORBIDDEN Pontifical Mass

The Paulus Institute and Archbishop Gullickson are disappointed over Washington Cardinal Gregory's prohibition of the August 15 Latin Pontifical Mass at the National Shrine, Gullickson writes on (July 28).

He speaks of a “bureaucratic dismissal of good people's best efforts” and wonders "why some are so taken up with trying to ‘scatter the sheep’." His question, "Why would anyone pretending to be of Christ's Church lash out at the lambs?”

Gullickson refers to a July 29 article of Ross Douthat in the that those who prognosticate the "success" of this latest attempt at suppression of the Mass of the Ages "do not have all of the present variables in hand." He concludes, “Another day is coming. Be of courage, little flock!”

"The man who ignores God and turns his own instincts into godlike standards for all things is headed for destruction." - Robert Cardinal Sarah