Sanity Has Returned: Archdiocese DROPS Compulsory Vaccinations

Moncton Archdiocese, Canada, rescinded a policy that Catholics must be Covid-vaccinated before entering churches.

The order was announced on September 17 and dropped September 24.

After meeting with government health personnel, Archbishop Valery Vienneau decided that „no proof of vaccination is required" for any Sunday or weekday masses, baptisms, prayer groups, and others.

Canadian dioceses agreed on mandatory masks for indoor liturgies and decided a cap on attendance at 50% of a church's capacity.

Picture: Valery Vienneau, Moncton Archdiocese, #newsDzsdgvoeyt

P. O'B
Attendance capped at 50% -- they'll be lucky to get that amount ever again.
Our Lady of Good Success, thank you. Dear God, thank you.