Moslem Creates Exact Wooden Replica of Cologne Cathedral

A Syrian named Fadel Alhudr has made a two-metre-high wooden replica of Cologne Cathedral. It took him more than 2.5 years - or around 5,000 hours, as he says.

The Aleppo-born craftsman worked with hard beech wood and old Syrian tools in a small cellar in Cologne's Kalk district.

Alhudr is a Muslim. During his work, he said he felt a strong connection with the Catholic cathedral. The model of the cathedral can now be seen in the Domforum on the Domplatte.

The End Time prophesy for this very cathedral is the walls will fall into the street!
Ave Crux
Amazing.....! May God reward his admiration of Catholic beauty and Christian Civilization with conversion.....!
Alex A
Love to have his talent and patients
and patients
Is he a physician too?More
and patients

Is he a physician too?
He’ll probably be murdered by an adherent of the‘religion of peace’, now.