Cardinal: "Women Already Hear Confessions"

The "Amazon Ecclesial Conference" discusses "the ministries of women" and what is "already" happening in Amazon [and has been going on in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands for decades], Huancayo Cardinal Pedro Baretto Jimeno, 78, told (3 October),

In Latin America, religious sisters perform baptisms, weddings, liturgies and "some even hear confessions" for people who confide personal problems to them, although they cannot give absolution, Baretto said.

He mentioned his recent dialogue with the Liturgical Congregation under Cardinal Roche regarding an "Amazon liturgy".

"This is the first time we have been able to have a fraternal dialogue with this dicastery, in an attitude of listening," he said. This is not surprising, since the Vatican is always kind to heretics like Baretto.

Before Roche, this congregation was led by Cardinals Medina Estévez (1996-2002), Arinze (2002-2008), Cañizares (2008-2014) and Sarah (2014-2021), who still tried, albeit very timidly, to stop the decadence.

Picture: © Tim Ellis, CC BY-NC, #newsUacipeedgj

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