Francis in Kazakhstan: Big Words, Little Substance

Francis embarked on a three-day trip to Kazakhstan on September 13. During the flight, he said that he didn’t “have any news” about a meeting with …
It is the country of our beloved Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider!
Malki Tzedek
Substance left with Benedict XVI. Bergoglio the banal transmutes gold into dung.
Of all the countries in the world that need a Papal visit, he chooses this country that has a futuristic NWO capital city.
Pius XI: "...conventions, meetings and addresses are frequently arranged by these persons, at which ...all without distinction are invited to join in the discussion, both infidels of every kind, and Christians, even those who have unhappily fallen away..."
Jeffrey Ade
Absolutely! "Join the throng!"
Wilma Lopez
"The world expects us to be examples of souls alive and minds clear; it looks to us for an authentic religiosity. It is time to realize that the fundamentalism defiles and corrupts every creed; time for open and compassionate hearts."
Croí Láidir
It looks like plans for a masonic "Death Star" behind them.
Jeffrey Ade
Who said that? Francis?
Jeffrey Ade
@Croí Láidir I was raised on Star Wars! I can tell you stories! You got this one!