,,Let us lay traps for the upright man, since he annoys us and opposes our way of life" Charismatic priest Maros Kuffa suffering as publicly presented their views on homosexuality. On the indictment …More
,,Let us lay traps for the upright man, since he annoys us and opposes our way of life"

Charismatic priest Maros Kuffa suffering as publicly presented their views on homosexuality. On the indictment said "unknown persons" visited him and the police investigated him. well known Zionist rainbow Amnesty International bothered to come all over to smal village in eastern Slovakia Žakovice and exert pressure on Marian Kuffa to their statements about homosexuality appealed.

Wisdom 2 :12 ,,Let us lay traps for the upright man, since he annoys us and opposes our way of life, reproaches us for our sins against the Law, and accuses us of sins against our upbringing."

Marian Kuffa is a priest in a small village of Zakovce in Slovakia. At his presbytery he cares for the homeless, former prisoners, boys and girls from orphanages, the handicapped and abused mothers with children. Altogether, the priest has hosted almost two hundred people. Some die, some are born, people come and go…

A film about strong faith and the value of sacrifice, about how much one person is capable of giving for another, how much he loses like this as well as how much he wins

,,,,What actually happened?

Mr. Korda filmed for video chat portal (>) with a Catholic priest Marian Kuffa. This time Mr Kuffa said their opinion on the influence of homolobby. He used harsh words, but their hardness far short of the level arguments bloggers culture of death. Video withdrew from the website, but some "well-meaning" soul disregard copyright hung video on YouTube.

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Slovak culture of death sparked media ŠTVANICE{Harassment}. For the entire interview Mr Kuffa chose some of his statements.

Mr. Korda asked the following question:
Do you think it's good if we Constitutional Law on the protection of the family? Can a law to prevent families disintegrate?
If RKC abolish celibacy would like to have a family?

To answer the first question p.Kuffa so that the law considers helping crutch for those who wish. But those who do not want the law bypass.

Then followed the controversy about homosexuality. Mr. Kuffa publicly expressed respect for homosexuals and pointed out that he has in his living room and lesbian and gays - that living room rectory. Who of those who criticize him, they say that they also have in their living room gay? This was followed by clarification and differentiation gay congenital a disability from those who now call homolobby. Kuffa condemned their promiscuous behavior, experimenting with sex and the efforts of the laid back lifestyle of enacting legal system in our country. He criticized their efforts to overturn the rules of ethics and morality flip through intimidation legal system, through corrupt judges, through legislation ... to adopt such laws that would prescribe for sex education in schools, contrary to Christian doctrine, regardless not willing of parents. In particular, more critical to efforts to rewrite Christian Beliefs, so that thus modified will be accepted deluded believers and is consistent with the ideologies of the culture of death. Kuffa therefore criticizes efforts of demonizing those who disagree totalitarian ideologies such as homosexualism and genderism. It refers to efforts through psychiatrists and prosecutors and judges described as sick of all those who are interested in sober rational attitude to defining as a family man and a woman and expressed opposition to attempts to impose redefinition of these terms.

Remains disputed his statement that the secondary homosexuals are worse than a mass murderer. Again must stress that it is not those who are aware of their handicap - of these people are Kuffa clearly expressed at the beginning of the interview that loves them, they are decent people. We are talking about homolobby, which seeks to subvert the traditional perception of concepts such as family or father or mother. Homolobby is now an ardent supporter of killing children on the basis of arbitrariness mother. Many of the requirements of the culture of death is already receiving Horus features - argues for the rights of mothers killing babies, on the right of the state to decide on the lives of children, if they meet the standards of beauty table, the primacy of the sex blood relatives from possible conceiving a genetically damaged children by hiring a mothers in social need for childbearing for homosexuals. Many bloggers culture of death Kuffa labeled as fascist, but they homosi know nothing about homosexual roots of Nazism. For example, extremely aggressive supporter of ideology homosexualism declares that ...:

I'm a married heterosexual man. I have a grown daughter and young grandson. But I have some principles that are incompatible with the kit consists madness and klerofascism as well as klerofascism both Kuffa and Bráník.

Evidence that the p. Bránik or Kuffa were supporters of fascism, but can not.

Kuffa has produced an expert report on homosexuality, but call styled said their opinion. Thus, its expression is not subject to strict criteria such as the scientific text.

Mr. Kuffa simplicity distinguished from each other homosexuals who are aware of their handicap by those who built the meaning of their lives for sensual indulgence and enjoying life without accentuation effects and morality. The second group, which he called secondary homosexuals, in my understanding, as homolobby seeks social change and justice in a form that would allow people to pursue other value chain and build the morale of the decadence and its disruption. Recall that the founders of Nazism were almost exclusively gay and homolobby's hard supports infanticide before birth. Calling this group of mass murderers is therefore pertinent to me. Indeed, the number of victims of abortions exceeded milard human beings.

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I quote:
When the catholic is critical to homosexuals as if they put red cloth in front of your eyes. He said that homosexuals are murderers. He said that homosexuals from birth are worth the same approach as anyone ini. He also said that people who promote homosexual conduct, for themselves alreadyfed with pleasuresi buying and expert opinions, lobbying for change through media laws and changing public opinion, to approve such behavior, it is a worse evil than a mass murderer. With that we do not agree, but it's a view that does not promote homophobia.

The media manhunt was added to the known state Pietruchová Officer Olga, who expressed sympathy for the possible transformation of society, which will censor the views of this kind. Thus, only those with which it disagrees. Recall that "aunt" that its recent insults to the address of the march for life to justify a right to their opinion. So the officer paid from the taxes we all can scold anyone to pedophiles, no public expression of resistance against imposing an ideology homosexualism is in its radical and dangerous opinion. What? Mr Kuffa called gay decent and humble people who likes?

Quoting Mrs.Pietruchovú{LGBTI activist}:
it things are never black and white, one thing is undesirable censorship, another thing Social Responsibility (the) media, which plays a decisive role in shaping public opinion. Censorship is a matter of power when it is preferred only one opinion and ine suppress. This is not about censorship, but rather a "self-censorship" respectively. filtering what answering and serious medium drop to the public. Because once gives rise to such a radical and dangerous opinions, they become co-responsible. Developed society understands this, I would be happy if we were there we finalized the
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The problem is that the establishment to which this lady would like to revise our company prefers homosexualism other than ideology and ideology contrary to that - suppress. Eager out of power after the liberal censorship? By its terms, the consequences of this logic.

Another activist "culture of death", Mr. Dusan Veselovský, in the spirit of liberal chriastianophopy folklore, enhance its contribution on the picture hailing spiritual. To asserted the similarity of Christianity and Nazism. Mr. Veselovský but commits factual error. Those spiritual at the time colaboratedi with Nazism as a modern progressive ideology of the world then, just as Mr Veselovský collaborator - just uncritically - with equally modern ideology today incoming equally from the developed Western world. Kuffa rebelled and Veselovský would most like to see him as a collaborator of liberalism.
Does Mr Veselovský the founders of Nazism were almost exclusively gay?

The fact that Mr Kuffa also helps homosexuals, bloggers culture of death was not worth mentioning.

I quote:
(23092014) Recently, the media swept video of .týždeň "{week}where Marian Kuffa "called" gay genocide nation etc. Homosexual organizations him for it wanted to put on the investigation of the General Prosecutor's Office, and the like. Marian Kuffa but the matter explained 09.06 in the forest for events, Behold, thy mother, which clearly explains his position. No media that it stained and labeled as homophobic already have some sort of interest to set the record straight. Sadly, throughout the Reports, where the o.Kuffu made the greatest enemy of homosexuals and likened it to the Nazis and so on. Marian Kuffa never got an opportunity to express and defend.""
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