Vatican Dirty Deal Will Be Cut By April

Pope Francis’ Vatican is ready to hand over the nomination of Chinese Bishops to the local Regime. The deal will be cut anytime after the end of March, the Corriere della Sera (February 17) writes.

The essence of the deal is a betrayel of the undergound Catholic Church in favour of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association that was set up in 1957 to contrast the Church. The deal will further damage Francis’ and the Vatican’s reputation in China and worldwide.

Francis intends also to betray Taiwan in favour of diplomatic ties with Beijing. Recently, Taiwan sent a delegation to Rome, but Francis hit behind close doors while the group was received by Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

The China deal contradicts the Second Vatican Council. It wanted that “no more rights or privileges of election, nomination, presentation, or designation for the office of bishop be granted to civil authorities” (Christus Dominus 20).