Slandered Priest Fires Back – And Wins

The Italian Supreme Court has condemned a housewife, 45, and her husband from Piana del Sele to pay court costs and €3000 for having defamed Father Marcello Stanzione of Santa Maria La Nova Church.

Both used to be Stanzione’s secretary and driver respectively. A few years ago, they sent letters to the Salerno Archbishop, the Apostolic Nunciature and the Congregation for the Clergy accusing Stanzione of immoral conduct with the woman and grooming wealthy women to receive money for his church.

Stanzione not only denied the allegation but lodged a complaint with the Salerno Prosecutor's Office against the couple demonstrating that the accusations were fabricated.

A Salerno court has already sentenced the couple to two months' imprisonment and payment of a huge amount in damages to the priest.


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