"This is one of the rules for radicals: accuse your opponents of exactly what you are doing" @Steve D who also replied, "Said the lying, slanderer."
Sorry Catholics don’t lend their ears to non-Catholics for religious instruction.
Dr Bobus
The obvious response is that Novus Ordo liturgies are also ideological.
Rand Miller
Francis speaks out of both sides of his mouth.
Those who are against the traditions of the Church are against the Catholic faith and God
Hugh N. Cry
Fractiones Custodies
Frances is not Catholic.
What could he mean saying "misuse of liturgy" if not the Novus Ordo? Does anyone wish to make a wild guess? I would really like to know...
Dr Bobus
Of course, he's referring to the Novus Ordo. He's playing some CYOA.
Dr Bobus
You don't know what CYOA means?
John A Cassani
He does not speak with authority. Never has.