Novus Ordo Rigidity: No Return of Forbidden Masses in Paris

Paris Archbishop Laurent Ulrich, 71, has told the priests "in charge" of Mass that the Roman Liturgy was only "conceded" with a view to future "unity"…
Jeffrey Ade
@Darrell J Roman Yes, they will fold up like a card table if they are Summorum Pontificum. Those Catholics who aren't will continue the fight.
Darrell J Roman
My Question: Will Traditional priests be obedient to this evil mandate? They better "Joan Up" and fight and if need be, go underground! Do not give in to this evil... From one priest to many priests, you are in my prayers, because in time this evil mandate will touch all of us... Defend the Truth, Defend the "True Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" and not the NO Mass! Fr. Darrell Roman USA
Sancte Teotónio
Open your eyes people! Those are false pastors.
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Dimas Irusta
The FSSPX has a very strong presence in Paris!!!!