Homosexual Using Vatican in Propaganda Stunt Against Nuncio

The Italian Il Fatto Quotidiano (July 8) is promoting Mathieu de La Souchère, 27, an accuser of Paris Nuntio.

Coincidentally a declared homosexual, La Souchère, is an employee for ceremonies at the Paris City Council.

He claims to have suffered “three sexual aggressions” within fifteen minutes by Ventura during a very public reception. Therefore, he came to Rome to file a complaint with the Vatican court.

Le Souchère also claims that Ventura preys after seminarians, using his “personal secretary” to write down the names of seminarians “whom he likes” in order to invite them to supper in the Nunciature.

According to La Souchère there is a conspiracy of the French bishops who “ordered the seminarians not to speak.” Not so Father Hans Zollner, a member of the Vatican’s Anti-Abuse Commission who told La Souchère “to continue the battle.”
Nous sommes ici en plein règlements de comptes inter-maçonniques dont il est impossible, mais absolument impossible de savoir où est le vrai et où est le faux.