Forbidden Masses? Priests Have Found A Solution

At least three U.S. priests offered a “parking lot” mass due to the coronavirus.

In Allendale, Michigan, Father David Gillilan (PiusX) celebrated for hundreds of faithful who were sitting in their cars (picture).

A wooden altar was set up on the porch of the presbytery behind St. Margaret Mary’s church.

Father Shaun Whittington celebrated a "parking lot" Mass in Indianapolis, broadcasted to the car radios and brought them Communion.

Father Stephen Hamilton, 46, celebrated another parking lot mass in Edmond, Oklahoma with a second priest, a deacon and six servers.

About 700 people attended mass in their cars (video below). They could hear the priest through their car radios.


When plague hit Milan in 1575, the Archbishop (St. Charles Borromeo) closed the churches but had altars built outside them so that people could adore the Blessed Sacrament and attend Mass from their windows.
Blessed them: they have a priest, can get out of their homes, can attend Mass. I'm locked up, so I couldn't even go to a Church and stay outside while in the inside the service is taking place, nothing