"Perfectly Healthy": Cardinal In Quarantine

Prague Cardinal Dominik Duka, 76, Czech Republic, is quarantined with a suspected coronavirus infection.

According to Czech media, Duka “feels perfectly healthy.”

Only preventive reasons keep him in a safe place to follow sanitary measures, because former Prague auxiliary Bishop Karel Herbst tested positive for the coronavirus.

Anyone who has ever had the flu will test positive for corona virus; also the tests are horribly flawed in any case. 80% false positives. And they can and do spread the virus with the tests.
Next coming _the vaccine_ with bio identification markers. What is making us sick, aside from planted virus, is the roll out of 5G.
Our Lady of Good Success pray for us.
So if he feels perfectly healthy and an infection is only suspected and not known, what even prompted the concern he -might- have coronavirus?